About Boarding

Here at Morton Grove Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to your pet’s all around well-being and care. This extends to the care and attention your pet receives when here boarding with us. As a full service veterinary hospital, we are able to provide daily veterinary supervision for our guests, whether it’s for the day or for a month. Our dedicated staff strive to get to know each individual guest that stays with us, allowing us to customize their care for a fun and stress-free stay.

Cat Boarding

Our feline friends have a choice of accommodations, ranging from standard boarding to a limited number of spacious cat condos. For multiple cats, we can connect two condos- enough space for each to have their own space, but plenty of opportunity to snuggle and play! We have a dedicated play area, including a cat tree with a view outside, plenty of toys, and special tuna treats if you choose a playtime or treat option.

Exotics Boarding

As a clinic that treats many exotics, we are able to accommodate a variety of littler guests, including rabbits, Guinea pigs, ferrets, chinchillas, and hamsters. Depending on the pet, we may prefer to keep them in their own cages- call us for more information. We are happy to provide whatever specialized care your tiny friend needs. We will even provide special treats if you choose a treat option!

Dog Boarding

For our canine guests, we provide spacious runs with elevated beds and snuggly bedding in a bright and well-ventilated environment. Multiple pups from the same family can stay together as long as they live well together and space allows. In addition, we have a quieter room for those that prefer less excitement. If you choose the playtime option, we have two secure yards to allow anything from quiet sun bathing to active play with our staff. We also offer special treats such as a Kong stuffed with organic peanut butter, or a refreshing Frosty Paw if you choose a treat option.

We are closed for pick-ups on Sundays and all major holidays, no exceptions.

We require all quests to provide proof of current vaccination. For dogs, this includes Rabies, DA2PP, and Bordatella. For cats, this includes Rabies and FVRCP. All guests must provide proof of a negative fecal exam within the past 12 months. Thank you for complying, as this is for the safety of our staff and all our guests.